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May 2019
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While the technology soars, the need to learn, study, and improve our photographic skills is ever present. There is still a substantial difference between a snap shot and a carefully planned professional photograph. Your business photograph should show you as the professional that you are, not just a head cropped out of the annual picnic group snap. Your products should be shown properly lit and displayed, making them a must-have to your customers. Selling your home? It really has to look its best!

"You ought to be in pictures" - not just for yourself, but for your family and friends. Sometimes, when travelling, later in life, physical distance ... a photograph is all we have to connect with a loved one. Make sure you are part of the story.


My experience includes:


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In addition to photography, I build websites to bring your business to the world wide web.
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Bill Booth Photography

8 Homestead Drive
Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Y9

Bus: 705-446-2508
Email: bill@billboothphoto.com

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